How do I download an overview of my invoices/costs?

Joris Docter -

How to download an overview of my invoices/costs?

There are two ways. If you want to see an overview for your VAT declaration, just:

0. Log in your online account at

1. In dashboard click 'Invoices' or 'Costs'

2. Choose the period of overview

3. Optionally choose the projects you want to see in your overview

4. Click the blue "XLS" buton.

If you also want to export digital copies of your receipts or invoices, you will need to use the blue ‘ZIP’ buton. You will receive an email with a download link for your selection of receipts or invoices.

If you want to download all your data at once, simpy click on your company name in the right above corner and choose ‘Company profiles’. You can download all your data clicking on the ‘Download data’ button in the menu on the left.

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