Webshop integration

If you have a webshop , you can integrate your online sales directly into your Gekko account and automatically keep track of taxes such as VAT. It is very easy to setup and use and integration is done in seconds. This way you can keep real time track of all webshop sales and provide your online customers with a valid bill whenever they make a purchase.

Setup your own webshop without technical expertise

If you think it is hard to setup your own webshop and integrate it in Gekko, you are in for a surprise. Just watch the following instruction video by the Smit Club and start your own webshop directly.

Online sales via your webshop in Woocommerce

Gekko offers integration to any webshop that is powered by Woocommerce, the biggest provider of Webshop services in the Netherlands. It does not cost you any money to use Woocommerce and you do not require any knowledge to start. Just go to the woocommerce website and get started. But if you are serious about starting your own webshop, please check this blog to get all the instructions and links you need to start your own Woocommerce webshop today.

Integrate webshop payments via Gekko partners

For online payments you need an online payment provider that allows your customers to directly pay you via your own website. With Gekko you can use our payment partner Mollie to allow direct payments to your company from both your website or as a payment link with a digital invoice. All your transactions are directly integrated in your account in Gekko and you have real time insight over all sales of your company. Just signup for Mollie using this link and you will pay only 29 cents per iDeal payment and no other costs. It only takes a couple of minutes and all you need is an ID and a business bank account.
(no business bank account yet? Gekko also has you covered! Just sign up for our partner N26, the new internet bank from Germany. If you use this link to signup, you can open a great business account within minutes, completely for free)

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