We don't like doing our administration either.
That's why we made
it simple.
And free, by the way.


Photograph your receipts

Keeping track of your expenses becomes as easy as taking a picture with the Gekko Costs app. No messy folders or shoe boxes full of receipts and invoices. All you need is our app and a Gekko account.


Quickly create

Create professional invoices with the invoice editor. Add expenses or worked hours with just one click of a button. Sent your invoices digitally via Gekko and you will automatically get notified when payments are overdue.


Track your

Use Gekko Hours on your mobile or online account to start a timer or registrate your hours and activities manually. You'll have a realtime overview of what you worked, which you can share with your clients.



Your online Gekko account will allways give you a complete real-time overview of your administration. An easy way to keep track of your income, expenses and hours.

Our customers

What’s government policy on digital administration?

Gekko follows all the government policies on digital administration. If you want to know more you can check the online brochure by de Belastingdienst.