Scan your receipts

Keeping track of your expenses becomes as easy as taking a picture with the Gekko Costs app. No messy folders or shoe boxes full of receipts and invoices. All you need is our app and a Gekko account.

All your costs organized and sorted out

Whether you are using our costs app or on your browser, you will be able to upload and have all your expenses organized and safely stored in the cloud.
List of costs

Create your custom cost categories

Our default categories are not enough for your needs? Create your custom cost categories to help you organize and gain more insight from your expenses.
Custom cost categories

Receipt scanning with your camera

Use the camera on your phone to digitize receipts and invoices you receive. Gekko Accounting automatically reads your receipt and picks up the correct amounts, taxes and date. And when you use our real time bankconnection, you can immediatly connect the receipt to the correct transaction. It's so easy, your account will always be up to date.

Upload your expenses straight from your inbox

Got an invoice through your email? Just forward it to and it will be added automatically for you to fill up the details when you have time.
Upload from inbox

Real time bank integration

You can integrate your expenses from your bankaccount in real time in your costs in Gekko. It's just the click of a button and whenever you make a payment, Gekko will know and allow you to add those costs directly to your business expenses.
Smart cropping of receipts

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