Connect your bank account

Easily add your bank account to your online accounting. You can import all your business transactions and link them to invoices and expenses in your Gekko account. You can use a real time bankconnection using the latest PSD2 standard and all transactions will be processed in seconds. Always automatically up-to-date.

Match your costs

With the bank connection you can easily link bank transactions from your bank account to your online cost overview in Gekko. Or immediately add new expenses. In this way, you create a clear overview in your accounting so you will never miss out on deductible costs.
Matching costs

Track payments automatically

Easily match all incoming payments from your bank account to your invoices. This allows you to automatically keep track of your payments and see which customers have paid and who do you still need to send a reminder.
Tracking payments for customers

Cash flow reporting

'Cash is King' applies to every entrepreneur. With the cash flow report it is extra easy to keep track of the direction your business bank account is going. This way, you always have a clear insight into the financial health of your company.
Cash flow report

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