Realtime overview

Your online Gekko account will allways give you a complete real-time overview of your administration. An easy way to keep track of your income, expenses, hours & trips.

Manage multiple companies & team members in one system

We developed Gekko from the start as a multi-user and multi-company management platform, perfect to do your accounting if you own several companies or work in small teams.
Manage multiple companies & team members

Generate automatically your VAT reports

Forget about making your VAT return ever again! We generate automatically your VAT reports at the end of each quarter and you just have to input those to the belastingdienst.
Tax report

Boost your Gekko Account with Smart integrations

Get the most out of your Gekko Account with smart integrations. You will save time and run your business like a pro!
Integrate your Apple Calendar and Google Calendar to import all your appointments and meetings without a hassle
Mollie - add an easy to use payment link to every invoice automatically, so you will get paid faster
Tink - connect your bank account so you never miss any incoming or outgoing transactions with the Tink Bankconnection
WooCommerce - sell online and import the invoices automatically so you have all your sales in one places: Your Gekko Account
KVK - don’t spend time looking up company data, just import it directly from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Smart integrations

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