Why do I need a Financial Administration?

A financial administration is mainly needed to keep track of company's income and expenses. And keeping a financial administrations is also necessary. When you manage a financial administration, it will give you a clear understanding of your company's finances. For example, it is nice to easily see if your business is making a profit. Keeping track of your company's income and expenses is not the only thing you need to keep track of. Read in the following wiki what is required for a financial administration

How do I set up financial administration?

You can easily set up a good and simple financial administration with the use of Gekko's smart software. Go to the website of Gekko to set up your financial administration with the financial tools of Gekko. With Gekko, you will have a clear overview of your company's finances and you can easily keep track of your financial statements.

How do I set up a financial administration?

With the help of digitally smart connections, it is becoming increasingly easy to set up a financial administration. With Gekko for example, you can easily make a bank connection for your bank account to keep track of your financial statements. In addition, Gekko also uses a webshop integration with WooCommerce and it is also possible to link Gekko with Mollie to create an iDeal payment

Cloud storage

The invoices, costs, hours, and trips you save in Gekko are stored in the cloud. Your financial data is stored in the cloud on different servers. This way, Gecko ensures that you can always access your data and that it is stored securely.