Financial Tools

Financial tools are really important for your small business. They are the backbone of any business and essential for success. But using financial tools is usually not the most fun part of being an entrepreneur. And definitely not the easiest. That's why Gekko helps you with tools that are easy to understand and simple to use. With smart software that allows you to connect all your tools to one account. So set up all the financial tools you need in just a few clicks and you will see how easy Gekko is.

What kind of financial tools does Gekko have?

Gekko has many different tools because financial accounting can get quite extensive. And all tools are connected into one account to keep track of all your records. Still, each different part is made separate and is therefore much easier to understand. Gekko offers tools on mobile and desktop to keep track of:
Income and expenses
Assets and debts
Debtors and creditors
Time registration
Trip registration

These tools will give any entrepreneur a good overview of how their company is doing. And they are really easy to use. You can setup your own account in just a few clicks.

Is it difficult to set up a new financial tool?

It is not difficult at all to set up a new Gekko tool if you have an online account. Want to scan your receipts with your phone to keep track of your expenses? Just download the mobile app from the app store and login with your account. Everything you enter via the app is automatically connected to your online account. Same goes for invoices, trips, hours, etc. Just download the mobile or desktop app and login with your account. Everything is connected with your online account and you will have a full overview whenever you want.
You can set up your own online account with a few clicks. Try it for yourself how easy it is.

Every entrepreneur needs financial tools

Whether you like it or not, as an entrepreneur you are obliged to set up proper accounting system. To quote for instance the Dutch Belastingdienst: “As an entrepreneur you are legally obliged to set up and maintain good company records.” This basically means that you need to keep track of your business dealings and need to be able to show this to the proper authorities, like the tax office in case of an audit. This is quite difficult without the proper tools. After all, keeping your receipts stuffed in your wallet is probably not the best way of keeping track of your expenses. Not for the tax office, and certainly not if you want to limit your expenses.

Start now without any trial period

Using financial tools can be expensive, but does not have to be expensive. If you choose Gekko, you can immediately use all the tools we offer for free. Just signup below and start using your online account.
There are no hidden costs, no trial periods and no credit card details. Gekko Basic is completely free for you to use as you please. That must be the best deal for any entrepreneur?

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