About Gekko

The idea for Gekko was hatched in 2012. Joris and Tijs found the online accounting options for freelancers severely lacking. Lots of unconnected apps, boring tasks and forms costing freelancers valuable time they would rather spend on their actual work.

So in 2013 they started Gekko: the easiest way to keep track of your finances online. The team was quickly expanded with Vlad and Chema and the current team consist of six people working on new services and features that aim to simplify how freelancers do business.

The team

The people behind Gekko

Joris Docter Portrait

Joris Docter

Joris has a finance background and worked for the likes of Philips and ING. At Gekko he is responsible for operations, financials and UX.

Vlad Lep

Vlad holds a master in software engineering and researched artificial intelligence at CERN. At Gekko he is the lead backend developer.

Vlad Lep Portrait
Tijs Teulings Portrait

Tijs Teulings

Tijs was freelancing for years before he met Joris and they started Gekko. At Gekko he is product and technical manager.

Chema Valle

Chema was producing, developing and designing his own mobile games before he met us. At Gekko he manages mobile development for iOS and Android.

Chema Valle Portrait

Investing in Gekko

The fast growing network that helps freelancers and organizations to manage their administration, while saving time and reducing costs.

Interested in the Gekko concept? We can always talk. Get in touch info@getgekko.com


For questions and coffee

Gekko is headquartered in the fine city of Amsterdam with our offices located in the rather fetching A-lab building just across from central station. We much enjoy hearing your feedback over a cup of coffee, but do call ahead :)