Invoice Financing

You just send an invoice but your customer is not going to pay for another month. Meanwhile, you now really have to pay that supplier but you are quite a bit low on funds. Sounds familiar? Then you should really user invoice financing. Invoice financing helps small entrepreneurs get the money from their invoices quicker and help make sure you can meet your own payment dates on time.

How does invoice financing work

If you send an invoice that will be paid in the future, you can use invoice financing to receive the money from the invoice faster.
All you have to do is share your invoice with our partner Rabobank via this link. Your invoice will then be assessed and you will be paid the invoice in full within 24 hours.

Invoice financing by Rabobank

Invoice financing on Gekko is provided by our partner Rabobank. As one of the premier banks in the Netherlands, they are the perfect partner for invoice financing.
Any invoice you create on Gekko can directly be send to Rabobank for approval. No delays, no difficult procedures.
Just an easy to use service developed for small entrepreneurs that need quick, simple and inexpensive financing.
Invoice financing by Rabobank

Inexpensive financing via Rabobank

Rabobank can offer better rates and faster payout than most competitors because Rabobank structures your invoice financing as a business loan instead of a factoring loan.
The advantage here is that you can pay as low as 1.2% financing costs over a loan while most competitors offers rates twice as high. That is only 12 EUR on a 1000 EUR loan.
Inexpensive financing via Rabobank

Your customer will not be bothered

Another advantage of invoice financing via Rabobank is that your customer will not be asked to pay another party he or she has never heard of.
Your customer still just pays you and no one else.
The only difference is that you use that money to pay back the financing you receive from invoice financing. As simple as that.
Your customer will not be bothered

Benefits of invoice financing

The advantages of invoice financing are that it is simple, fast and easy. But on top of that it also helps you as an entrepreneur manage the risks of taking on debt.
By providing the invoice as a collateral, you can make sure that you won't be taking out loans that you cannot reasonably pay back.
When your customer pays, you can pay back the amount you got via invoice financing. This of course does not mean invoice financing is completely risk free.
And you should of course always read the financial disclaimer of our partner Rabobank to get a full overview of the risks involved in invoice financing.
Benefits of invoice financing

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