Time tracking in Excel

Excel is a great tool, often used in hour registration. That's why Gekko hour registration is seemlessly integrated in Excel. You can combine the advantages of both systems. Download to excel with a click of a button and setup your tooling the way you prefer. Hour registration in Gekko in combination with Excel is the most complete hour registration you can find.

Time tracking software does the work for you

It is very simple to use: you turn on the time, you work and you turn of the timer when you are done. All you need to do is add the hours to the right customer and make a note what you worked on and you are done. That is how simple it is. Gekko Hours does the rest for you, so that you never have to worry about filling out Excel sheets or worrying if you have billed these hours to your client.

Free time tracking app

With the Gekko Hours time tracking app, you always have your personal timer in your pocket. Easily start and stop the timer, note what you have worked on and of course who the client is. With your tracked hours, you can easily bill your customer with. Whether you work from behind your computer or you are onsite with your customer, with your phone you now have your personal time tracker always with you.

Real time overview of your company

Track your time. Know where you spend your time on. Focus on what is important for your business. As the hour app is connected to your you Gekko account, you always have up to date information. See insightful reports of the hours you made for your customers and even on a project base. From now on you will always exactly how your business is doing with the easy to use Gekko Hours App.

Connect your hours to your customers and projects

Not only track your hours, you want to invoice them easily to your customers. They ask for clear reports of your work, which is very easy to include with your invoices. No more discussions about your hours. This way, you can send your invoice with a few clicks after you have logged your hours.
Tip, make a project for yourself in Gekko. You can record the hours you spend on non-billable hours in your business like admin and sales. Just so you know how much time you totally spend in your business.

Invoice hours straight away

Tracking your hours online has the added benefit that, apart from knowing how much time you spend on each project, you can easily bill these hours too. With the free Gekko Invoice app the free Gekko Invoice app you can bill these hours to your customers with a few clicks. As a businessman, you want to get paid quickly, create professional invoices which get paid faster in no time.

This is not all

Beside registering your hours and sending invoices, Gekko can do a lot more for you. Tracking your receipts, tracking your trips, registering payment status, connecting your bank account and insightful reports is all available in the free Gekko bookkeeping system. It is especially aimed at independent professionals and freelancers to make their administration easier so that they can focus on what they really want to do. Start now, there is no trial period or fine print, it is just free.

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