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Interested in what users say about Gekko?

Gekko is a highly rated company and you can find thousands of reviews online from multiple sources. But not all of these sources are actual Gekko users.

So if you want to know what actual Gekko users think of Gekko, check the user reviews from the Feedback Company. They verify all reviews on their platform about Gekko to make sure only real reviews from real users are included.

Leave your own review

Do you want to leave your own review? And make sure that your review is actually used to improve Gekko? Leave your review at the Feedback company.

Here your review will be visible for other (potential) users and the Gekko team will always respond to any comments you might have.

Get to know us over a coffee

Gekko is a young company that manages the freelance network of Europe. As a user you might have ideas on how to improve our service and network. If you want, you can always come over for coffee and tell us what we should improve. We are always open to discuss possibilities and expand our network.

Why does Gekko centralize reviews?

Gekko uses the Feedback company to centralize reviews so that users can easily and quickly leave their reviews in a place that they know it will be used and will have impact. If we would not centralize reviews, your review would have a lot less impact because Gekko offers so many different tools on different platforms.

Gekko is for example rated more than a thousand times in the Apple Store, but ratings are scattered over 6 different applications. To make sure your review does not go unnoticed, leave your review at the Feedback Company.