Get your business email via Gekko and Soverin

Via Gekko you get a 40% discount on email provider Soverin and only pay €17.40 per year (excluding domain name registration). Check your availability now. It takes less than 1 minute.

Setting up your business email takes about 1 minute. Just follow these steps.

Check whether your desired email is available for purchase. Just fill out your email at the top of this page and check "Check availability".

If your email and domain is available, check the price of your domain. You can purchase .com domains for €15 and .nl for only €10 per year for a total of only €27.40 a year. That is a 40% discount compared to normal purchase.

Make a one time payment.

And you are done! The system will setup your account automatically so grab a cup of coffee while it is doing that. But after setup you can send your first professional email.

The Gekko business email proposition is a joint venture between Gekko and Soverin. Soverin is a Dutch email company that has provided users with secure email accounts for more than 10 years. Check their website if you want to learn more about Soverin and their philosophy behind privacy driven email.

Get 40% discount

If you create your business email via Gekko, you will get a 40% discount on your business email. Normally you would pay €39.00 for a business email with a new .nl domain. But with Gekko you only pay €27.40. Excluding VAT that is less than 23 euros a year. That is an absolute steal.
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Business email on any device

With your business email you will get your own dedicated online mail box. Completely safe and secure. But it is just as easy to collect your new business email in any mail app your use. So you can check your email on your phone and even combine your business email with you personal email, if you want to.
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Use your domain for your own website

If you purchase a new domain for your business email, you can use that any way you like. This means that you can complement your business email by setting up a matching company website if you so please. Or even sell the domain you just purchased to a willing buyer. Your email and domain is just that: yours.
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Full support from Gekko and Soverin

This email proposition is a joint venture between Gekko and Soverin. This means that you can ask any questions you have about your business email to either party. That means that for questions about setting up your account, connecting your email to your mobile, etc. you can just send your query to and will help you straight away.
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