Simplify your tax returns

With Gekko you can easily manage your costs and expenses. With these simple tools you are well prepared to do you tax returns at the end of every quarter. We can’t make it any more fun either, but we can make it easier for you!

Start on time with your administrative tasks

For a correct tax return, you need to have your books in order. This is not something you want to leave for the last moment. That is why Gekko made some easy to use apps to help you with this. Use the Gekko Cost app to scan and save your receipts in your Gekko account. This way, you are ready to do your tax returns quickly and without any hassle when they are due.

Integration of the Gekko Apps

Once you start using Gekko, you get access to all the different Gekko apps. Track the hours you have worked and bill these to your client. Track your business trip using the GPS in your phone and easily bill these to your clients too. Register your expenses. Create quotations and invoices and add an easy to use payment link to get paid quickly. All you need is your Gekko account. Its accounting made easy!

Use the flexibility of the Gekko platform

Whether you prefer to work on your phone with the Gekko iOS or Android apps, or prefer to work on your desktop with a native app or on the website, or even on a tablet, it is all possible with the different Gekko apps. You can choose yourself which way you prefer, as all your data is safely stored online in your Gekko account.

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