Free Online Accounting

As a small business owner, you also have to do things for your business that are less enjoyable. Such as online accounting. Just think of the time you need to manually track all your receipts, hours, business trips and to do your tax return. That is why Gekko has created simple and free online accounting software that will save you a lot of time and give you better insight into your business.

Herramientas para una contabilidad fácil

Gekko has all the tools you expect from a free online accounting tool, and much more:
Facturación en web y móvil
Escáner inteligente de gastos
Registro de tiempo
Registro de trayectos
Conexión bancaria
Gran variedad de informes

Siempre a la última con nuestras apps

The advantage of accounting in the cloud is that you always have access to your free online accounting software. Wherever you are. Whether you are in the car, on the train or visiting a customer.
With Gekko you can manage your books via your desktop and tablet. Or you can use our mobile apps to quickly log your hours, send your invoices, track your trips or to scan your receipts. That is what makes our free online accounting system so easy to use.

Sin periodo de prueba! ¡Simplemente hazte una cuenta.

Online accounting software can be really expensive. But it doesn’t have to be, if you choose the free online accounting system from Gekko, which you can use unlimited for free.
Esto significa que no hay periodos de prueba o costes escondidos. Puedes empezar directamente sin estar atado a una suscripción. ¡No puede ser más fácil!

Cuando tu negocio crece

With our free online accounting program you have all the tools for Basic accounting. Does your business need a little extra? For only 12 euros per month you can use all our Premium features.
For example, you can link multiple companies and invite other users. In this way you can easily exchange your accounting with your partner, colleague or accountant. Automatically calculate your VAT return. Use Artificial Intelligence to scan your receipts. Connect your bank accounts. And much more.

Smart integrations to boost your Gekko account

Gekko offers many integrations to make your life easier. Setup them quickly to boost your your workflow.
Calendar integration with Apple and Google calendars
Mollie - envía enlaces de pago fácilmente
Conexión bancaria Tink - importa todas las transacciones bancarias
WooCommerce - importa todas tus ventas
KVK - get company data from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Smart integrations

Contabilidad fácil y para todos