VAT Business Costs Company Bicycle

The VAT of the business costs of a company bicycle are deductable from your taxes. These business costs include repair costs for your bicycle, subscription costs for a bicycle shed, accessories, and for example insurance for your bicycle. Therefore, make sure that you save your receipts in order to deduct the VAT of your business costs for your bicycle.

Tip: use Gekko Costs for your receipts.

What VAT tarif do you use?

Pay attention to use the correct VAT tarifs. The repair costs of a bike are subject to a 9% VAT rate, only the parts and accessories are subject to a 21% VAT rate. So the repair of your bike might contain different VAT rates. 

NB! You may only deduct the VAT for the part that you use your bicycle for business purposes. Just like with the VAT on the purchase price of the bicycle. Suppose you also use your bicycle outside of business purposes, then you may not deduct VAT for the this use of your bike.
Example: You use your bicycle for 50% business and 50% private use. Then you can deduct 50% of the VAT of the business costs of your bicycle.

If you use a kilometer charge of €0,21 per kilometer, you may not reclaim VAT for the business costs of your company bicycle.