In the Netherlands, Budget Day is known as Prinsjesdag or ‘Prince’s Day’, and is held on the third Tuesday in September. On this day, the King delivers the Speech from the Throne, officially opening the parliamentary year. The King’s speech contains the government’s key plans for the year ahead. The Minister of Finance presents the Miljoenennota and the Rijksbegroting (Government's budget) to the Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives). The government also presents what the government policy will be for the next year. The government policy discusses where the budget will go to, and how this budget is being paid.

The financial changes that are presented on Prince's Day can have a major influence on business owners and entrepreneurs. The measures presented can have a positive or negative influence on your business or company. Laws concerning the taxes will also be changed. It can help you determine whether it is best to make an investment for your business in this year, or to wait for next year.

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