Can I backdate invoices?

The simple answer is, of course, "No".


What exactly is backdating? Backdating is using a date that is not correct. Backdating is changing the date on an official document to an already expired date, see also Date. As an example, today is May 26, 2022. But for you it is better to use December 26, 2021 as the date, e.g. to the previous year to lower your profit. That is not allowed.

The Dutch Tax Authority requires that when you send an invoice, you use the date of, as they call it "issuing the invoice". Or in plain English, the day of sending your invoice. Invoices must therefore always have the date of sending your goods/services so that they cannot be used for fraud.


There are of course always exceptions to the rule, but you have to be very careful with that and we always recommend that you check with your accountant or tax specialist.

For example, it is early January and you find out that you did not send an invoice from last December. In this case, it is really about turnover that comes from December. In this case you can still send an invoice in December of last year. But really only do this in early January and do not wait too long. You do not want the appearance against you that you are backdating and it is therefore always best to avoid this practice.

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