Business register KVK

If you are an entrepreneur, you have to register your business with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK). The entrepreneur criteria determine whether you are considered an entrepreneur. You are an entrepreneur if you provide products or services for a paid fee. But every situation is different and it is not always that simple.

Register requirements KVK

Do you want to register your company with the KVK? Then you must meet these three requirements to qualify:

  1. You are looking for ways to sell a product or offer a service. You have probably already started by purchasing products or building a website.
  2. You get more for your money here than just the price: you also have the opportunity to make a profit, cut costs, or add value to your business in other ways. You aim to get more value from your investment than just what you ended up spending.
  3. This is not a hobby that just costs money with no returns. And you regularly provide your products and/or services to people other than your family and friends.

If you meet these three conditions, you can register your business with the KVK.