AOV for who?

An AOV, also known as disability insurance, is an insurance policy in the Netherlands that can be taken out to provide individuals with an income during periods of illness or other reasons that may lead to disability. Dutch law already requires that employees are provided with an AOV. However, this is not the case for self-employed people (also known as entrepreneurs). When you are self-employed, you get the choice to take out an AOV, this is not required (yet). If you decide to not get an AOV, you will also not be entitled to any disability benefits.

Therefore, it is interesting but especially very important that entrepreneurs do research on taking out an insurance policy. By taking out an AOV you provide a safety net for yourself, which enables you to continue to pay your expenses in times of (partial) disability.

The Relevance of an AOV

Many entrepreneurs may think that an AOV is not applicable to their situation. Reasons for this might be the intensity within their profession which is considered lower than for example those working in construction. But not only those that work in for example construction benefit from an AOV. Those working at an office can also benefit from an AOV for when they end up getting sick, or for example with a burnout. 

Furthermore, it is important to know that an AOV does not only cover work-related accidents, but also those that may occur in your spare time. 

A final misconception is that an AOV is only applicable to those that are older and close to retirement. Taking out an AOV is relevant for both young and older people and those who work in the office and those in construction.

What does an AOV look like

It will depend largely on your own decisions what your AOV will look like and how much your monthly fee will be. Depending on the new legislation, the AOV may look a little different in the future. According to the new legislation surrounding the AOV (blog in Dutch) which is supposed to take effect in 2027, entrepreneurs will be required to take out an AOV rather than this being voluntary. You can read more about this possible new AOV requirement for entrepreneurs on Gekko’s blog.

Until then you will not have to worry about this new legislation, but it is important to keep this possible change in insurance legislation in mind as an entrepreneur. For now you are able to determine your own excess period, the amount of the benefit, and the duration of your AOV. However, choices such as the duration period of your AOV may affect the amount of your monthly fee.The longer the term, the higher the monthly fee will be.

If taking out an AOV is still not appealing to you as an entrepreneur, or an AOV does not meet your wishes, there are also many alternatives available which assure you of an income during periods of disability or sickness.