The best way to manage your flexible workforce.
While saving time and money.

All the information you need

What are my flex-workers doing? What are their expenses? Do I have all the right legal documents? Answer these questions 100% accurate at the click of a button with Gekko for Business.


What are their

Flex-workers get flexible pay. So it can be challenging to predict their future expenses. Gekko for Business gives you full and real-time insights into all flex-worker expenses and automatically matches those expenses with your budget. From invoices to estimated costs, 100% accurate and in real time.


Do we have all the right legal documents?

Can we prove that a flex-worker is his own boss and is not legally working for us? Even years later? Gekko for Business provides you with a solution to keep track of all legal documents and stores them for years to come. You will allways have a clear overview of the relationship with your flex-workers.


What are our flex-workers doing?

Do you really know what your flex-workers are doing? What they are working on and for whom? Gekko for Business provides accurate insights in flex-workers activities, automatically tracks hours worked, miles traveled and costs made and provides a taylor made dashboard for your organisation.

How it works

Gekko for business

Your Gekko for Business account connects you to your freelancers and allows you to manage them from one portal. Automatic transfer of data from your freelancers, gives you one integrated company view with 100% accurate information in real time.

Gekko for people

Your freelancers use Gekko to manage their accounting process. Mobile and online apps keep track of all relevant information in their online account.


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