What kind of signup link is this and why do I get a discount?

You are about to signup via an invite from a Gekko user who is accepted in the Gekko Heroes program. The Gekko Heroes program allows that person to invite new users like yourself to Gekko and give them a major discount on Gekko Premium. You cannot get this discount in any other way, so feel free to thank your Hero for giving you this oppertunity.

So do I need to pay to get access?

No. This is a free signup link. Also, you can use our Gekko Basic program unlimited for free. A great and complete accounting program with no strings attached. However, our paid Gekko Premium program does provide users with a lot of benefits. You can see the differences between both programs in the feature overview below. But if you really want to know why to upgrade, please ask the person who send you this invite link. All Gekko Heroes have signed up for Gekko Premium in the past and are using our paid program. So the choice is yours.

Is the free account unlimited?

Yes! The basic plan has everything you need to keep track of your accounting. It is free, gives you access to all the mobile applications and you can use it as long as you want. We hope you'll like our premium features enough to upgrade of course but it's not needed to enjoy Gekko. Check out the differences below.

How much discount will I get if I signup via this link?

The discount you get by signing up via this link will only be applicable for users that signup for a yearly Gekko Premium subscription. You will get 54 EUR discount (37,5%) and only pay 90 EUR instead of 144 EUR for one year of Gekko Premium. Do keep in mind that this discount is time limited. You need to decide within 20 days after signing up whether you want to use this discount or stick to the free Gekko Basic account. After that time your discount is lost.

What’s your refund policy?

We do not refund initial payments. After all, we provide you with a free program that you can use to find out exactly what you are buying. So please be careful about upgrading when you are not certain and try our Basic account a while longer. However, we do refund unwanted automatic extensions of you subscription. Just be sure to ask for a refund within 10 days after the payment was automatically credited to your account. We will then refund your last payment in full. If you want to know more about the rules, please check our user agreement for more details.

Our Plans


For those who need good and unlimited basic accounting



For those who just want a little extra


Track hours (including mobile app)
Timeline of your hours per client and project
Timeline overview for all clients
Attach your hours report to an invoice
Track costs (including mobile app)
Scan your receipts with the mobile app
Custom cost types
Forward receipts from your e-mail
Automatic scan and text recognition (OCR)
Track trips (including mobile app)
Automatic calculation of km's
Address autocomplete for navigation
Add multiple cars
Send unlimited invoices
Send invoices in UBL
Custom invoice design
Send recurrent invoices
Add foreign valuta to your invoice
Add standard products to your invoice
Add an attachment to your invoices
Automatic integration with webshop
Add an iDEAL link to your invoices 5 payments via iDEAL Unlimited
Quotations Send up to 3 quotations Unlimited
Bank connection
Automatic realtime integration 1 month trial Unlimited
Integration mobile cost app 1 month trial Unlimited
Number of transactions Unlimited Unlimited
Connect multiple bank accounts
Profit and Loss
Total Hours
Customer Insight
Hours, trips, profit and loss per client
Expenses per costtype
Cash flow overview
Automatic tax report
Companies 1 company profile with clients and projects Unlimited company profiles with clients and projects
Users Access for 1 user Access for multiple users (+5 euro per team member)
Storage 50 MB data storage 1 GB data storage
Upload size Upload documents up to 3 MB Upload documents up to 25MB
Integration of webshop sales Automatic sales recording for Woocommerce webshops