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Our new accountants’ marketplace is now live. The connected accountants can offer you their services and help with the difficult bits of your bookkeeping. How does it exactly work? Why are the services so cheap? And how does Gekko earn money on the marketplace? We explain it all in 6 questions and answers.


1. What do I gain by choosing my accountant on Gekko marketplace?

You will save time and money. If you work with one of our connected accountants, you can give him access to your books in Gekko with just one click. Then the accountant can immediately help you solve your problems en give you tips on your bookkeeping. This saves not only your time, but also quite a bit of your accountant’s time as he doesn’t need to collect and sort all your documents. That’s why Gekko gives you a best offer guarantee – the services of connected accountants will never be cheaper. It can actually be more expensive to contact the accountant directly.


2. How does Gekko earn money on the marketplace?

The users don’t pay anything to use the marketplace. The accountants pay Gekko  a monthly fee of EUR 10 per connected user. The payment applies only when a customer and an accountant  reach an agreement. This allows the accountants to access the bookkeeping of their customers. This automatic connection saves accountants so much time that they are still able to offer the best price.

This means that Gekko doesn’t come up with offers – accountants do. We do not earn money by displaing the offers and we do not share any of your data with the accountants without your explicite permission first. You can share your bookkeeping data only after you reach the agreement with an accountant and this is when we get paid.


3. Can I disconnect from an accountant?

Of course, any time! You can finish the access of an accountant to your bookkeeping at any time with one mouseclick. From this moment on the accountant will not be able to look into your books and you will get an e-mail with confirmation.


4. Which accountants are there on the marketplace?

We list all accountants who signed up and prepared an offer for Gekko users. Can’t you find a good offer or accountants close to you? Let us know via the marketplace or e-mail ( and we start searching for an accountant who can offer the services you need.


5. What are the rules of the maketplace for accountants?

Really simple: the accountants have to comply with the offers displayed on Gekko and not charge any extra fees afterwards. Their offer is always the “best offer”. This means that if you start cooperating with an accountant via Gekko, you will do it in the cheapest possible way.


6. Why is my accountant not there? I want to connect with him via Gekko!

That’s possible if your accountant is interested too. Send us a message via the marketplace of mail and we will contact your accountant so he can join Gekko. If the accountant joins us, you will get an invitation from him (because you will still need to give him the permission to look into your data!).

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